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Born 28 February 2001

Ivanthes Ddonny-Xett – Ddonny – is bought from Björn Malmquist in Sweden. 
I thought that the combination between Ivanthes Aaloha and 
S*Alien´s Calvin Klein was very interesting and I had booked a female. But when the litter arrived it only consisted of 4 males, so then I had to find out what I wanted. I chose to buy the cat even though it was a male.... ;) and I'm truly happy for him. 
As he's grown up he's become a real male, with all that comes with it...

Ddonny has been to shows with some quite good results. As grown up male in 2002 he was number 4 on the list of the best cats in Felis Danica. Also in 2002 he was number 2. on the list of the best cats in Katteklubben and nr one on the list of DSO. 

Ddonny had to see the vet in november 2003 and is now nutered. I think it is quite a shame because he makes nice kittens indeed. But even though i did with a good feeling because i now have Fanelli and Isha.

So now Ddonny lives around all the house with us and he is very happy.


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